Hair Care

Our hair care products are formulated according to the latest principles of green and clean chemistry, ensuring maximum results. OWAY products are free of SLS/SLES, parabens, artificial colourants, synthetic fragrances, EDTA, PEG/PPG/BG, petrolatum, genetically modified ingredients.

DailyAct Range


Frequent use range suitable for all hair and scalp types, even the most sensitive.

moisturizing range


Hydrating hair range for very dry, dehydrated hair or thick, frizzy hair.

colorUp Range


Colour protection range for coloured and highlighted hair.

BeCurly Range


For naturally curly and permed hair.

xvolume range


For fine, lifeless, floppy hair.

smooth + range

Smooth +

For dry, hard to manage, untameable hair.

silk n glow banner


 For frizzy, dry and porous hair.

Scalp Care

OWAY has implemented a synergistic method to treat skin and hair dysfunctions in a joint and personalised method combining effectiveness, a pleasant feeling and well-being. A healthy scalp for healthy hair.

sebum balance range


For greasy and heavy hair, and for scalp with excessive sebaceous secretion.

soothing range


For sensitized, red or irritated scalp. Even for the most sensitive skin, like that of children.

Purifying Dry range

Purifying – Dry Scalp

 For scalp and hair with dry dandruff.

purifying oily range

Purifying – Oily Scalp

 For scalp and hair with oily dandruff

hair loss banner

Hair Loss

Micro stimulating range for thinning hair.

Hair and Body Care

Your hair and skin needs attention

sunway range


Summer recipes for healthy, shiny hair and skin

remedy hand balm

Remedy Hand Balm

Nourishing and lipid-replenishing hand treatment.

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