June 2017


Clair from Sweet Bunny Lobang tried the flowerfall treatment at Focus Hairdressing.

March 2018


Clair from Sweet Bunny Lobang did a scalp treatment in Focus Hairdressing and relates her experience

December 2017

Beauty Insider

Head Spa at Geranium

Experience Oway’s Scalp detox, Hydro-Dhara + Flowerfall Treatment at Geranium

Detox the scalp, solve scalp and hair imbalances. with the power of 100% Biodynamic Micronised Plants.

Flowerfall is a fresh holistic beauty and wellness ritual that deeply relaxes the body and mind through an immersive aromatherapeutic experience and customizable scalp treatment.

Beauty Insider Tried, Tested and Loved : Geranium Face Gua Sha

Your Ultimate guide to a natural facelift and better skin with Geranium : Watch how Geranium Face Gua Sha technique can give you an instant clearer and firmer skin. #instantresult #facelift #faceguasha #geranium # #scalpdetox #headspa

Posted by Beauty Insider on Wednesday, 8 November 2017

July 2017


We are happy to announce that 4 Oway salons in Singapore have been selected to be part of a book featuring OWAY salons around the world.

Among them: Itto+lim, Harts Salon, The Devonshire Tras Street, The Devonshire

July 2017


Deenise visited Geranium salon and reviewed OWAY scalp treatment

May 2017


Chloe Choo is using OWAY products to keep her hair healthy.

March 2017


Angeline Yeh tried the Silk’n Glow Range and mentioned us in her blog.

December 2016


Deenise Glitz did Oway Scalp Treatment once again but this time at J.J Hair Identity.

December 2016


Mia Foo decides to change her colour to go back to a more natural one using Hcolor and treatment

October 2016


What Scalp Treatments Do You Need for Your Scalp Problems? Read our Guide on Best Scalp Treatments for all Scalp Problems in Singapore

Beauty Undercover listed the best scalp treatment in Singapore and OWAY is in the list.

October 2016


Deenise Glitz blog focuses on greener alternative products. She went to Hairtistry and relates her experience with OWAY scalp treatment.

September 2016


Discover our Scalp Treatment and Hcolor done by Focus Hairdressing and reviewed by Beauty Undercover.

12 August 2016


Sesame from Vivawoman tried different ranges of hair bath and conditioner giving her insight on each.

March 2016


The blogger Charlotte Lum explained how she was able to keep her hair healthy even after bleaching, thanks to Oway scalp treatment done by the Cottage by Devonshire.

March 2016


Review of the scalp treatment done by Geranium salon from vivawoman.net

January 2016


Make it last

The January 2016 issue of Her World review the Color Up range to make your hair colour last longer.